Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sometimes things don't go how you hope.

For two weeks I waited for the sun to come out so I could do a photo session for a local children's boutique. The day finally arrived and the sun showed itself! I had my models all lined up and was super excited to get the shots I had planned. The models were brother and sister, age 3 and 5, with the most adorable strawberry blonde hair.

The plan was to photograph a few different outfits and a few products from the children's boutique. All was going as planned as we set out for our first destination downtown. UNTIL...

Go Wrong #1: 3 year old model falls asleep in car. (I don't know about your kids, but when my kids fall asleep in the car only to be woken up in a short amount of time = cranky, non-cooperative kid.)

Go Wrong #2: Wake up 3 year old - does not want to get out of car. Does not want to put on "planned" outfit. Does not want to be photographed.

Still remaining positive, I photograph his sister. She does a beautiful job and is the best model EVER!

Go Wrong #3: Offer 3 year old candy. Wants MORE, MORE, MORE!

So we decide to move to a new location and let the kids play a bit.

Go Wrong #4: Ask 3 year old to put on hat. MAJOR meltdown!

I take more photos of his sister. Again, she works the camera.

Finally, I decide 3 year old is not going to cooperate so I just take a few photos of the kids playing in the water. I got some amazing photographs of the 5 year old girl... and one [good] image of the 3 year old boy, and one [semi-good] image of the two of them together.

Sometimes things don't go the way you hope... but you just have to go with it!


  1. And go with it, you did. You did a great job with all the obstacles and i love the shot that you did get. He's such a stinker! And talk about a neglectful mama for letting him fall asleep! Seriously! S

  2. The photos are absolutly adorable! and no kidding about that Mom! Who lets their kid sleep in the car before such an important occasion!! lol!! Miss all you guys!