Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fabulous vintage [junk] finds...

I love browsing through vintage, antique, junk (whatever you want to call them) shops. I always find the most amazing things... but they're not always a great deal. More often than not, they are overpriced (especially in Portland - what's up with that?!). I did find a few amazing deals over the past couple of weeks.

A set of ornate white teacups     (love!)
A vintage camera $10     (which I'm dying to try out)
A Snoopy lunchbox $5     (I think I'm going to start collecting them)
An old wooden box $5     (can't wait to use it for a photoshoot!)

What are your favorite junk shops?


  1. I'm a loverrrr of "junk" shopping, it makes it feel like a treasure hunt! I wantttt that teacup :) presh

  2. I know! It's my secret addiction... ssssh! The teacup came in a set of four and was only $5 for the set!

  3. I have fallen hard for vintage fabrics. My new favorite thing are antique dish towels. I can't believe that I pay good money for second hand kitchen towels, but the older ones are so pretty. Plus my almost new kitchen has a more modern and streamlined design and I love throwing a vintage kitchen towel on the oven bar to add color and a little taste of "me". Let's go shopping sometime! That would be intense fun.

  4. Um...yes please!! All them 'em all! GORGEOUS finds!!

  5. I have some favorite shops in Maine!