Monday, April 18, 2011

You would think newborns are easy to photography...

...but think again! There is so much work and patience that goes in to getting a great newborn photograph. Baby [preferably] has to be sleeping, arms have to be posed nicely, no frowning, no pooping, no peeing, no spit up, change up positions without waking baby. The list goes on!

And not to forget the noise machine, heating device and clean up towels. After all, baby needs to stay comfy, cozy and warm! Most newborn sessions take a couple of hours, but some can take more depending on baby.

This recent newborn session that I did took about 2.5 hours - mostly because Baby didn't want to sleep. (I was more than happy to hold her and rock her to get her to sleep). I definitely got my baby fix!

All in all, Baby Sadie cooperated beautifully. I think I captured the best photos in the end, when she was finally sleeping. Here's a couple of my favorites.

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  1. I agree- they certainly can't be rushed:) Nice work!