Melissa Williamson: Boston Baby, Child, Teen, Family Photographer

My fascination for photography started long ago. I used to love when my parents would get out the old film projector and show me glimpses of my childhood and theirs. From looking at pictures to taking pictures, I've grown to love the process of creating beautiful images that I can cherish forever.

I've been blessed with the opportunity to work in various aspects of the photography business. I have 10 years experience art directing photoshoots and designing for various fashion clients, (UnionBay, Please Mum, Claiborne, Tommy Bahama, Haggar, Eddie Bauer, Gloria Vanderbilt, Mark's Work Wearhouse...) This has given me a valuable "behind the scenes" outlook on how beautiful photographs are created.

I love the entire creative process that goes into creating a beautiful photograph - coming up with a fabulous idea and making that idea come to life. My ultimate goal is to capture the beauty and originality of a moment and preserve it.

I have three beautiful children and a very loving husband who puts up with all my little "quirks." I love to lie on a sunny beach, reading a good book and I love snowboarding in the wintertime. I love being able to photograph all of the lovely moments that happen in my life and others.