Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer fun...

I was on a roll with blogging, and then I got busy with summer! Playing at the park, swimming at the beach, camps for kids, and doing who knows what else. It's fun to have no real plans and to just "wing it". And that's what this summer has been all about!

It's been pretty hot here in Boston, so I haven't been lugging around my camera as much as I should be. Of course I'm pretty quick with my handy dandy iphone! So that's all you get today - a day's worth of iphone photos.

First we hit the park, played hide-and-seek. Then we did a little running on the track - I of course lost because I was wearing inappropriate shoes. Next we went to the DeCordova Art Museum and Sculpture Park (you must go, it rocks!). Isn't summer grand?!

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