Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A camping we will go!

Last week I realized we hadn't been camping yet this summer. My family loves to camp, so it came as a surprise that summer was almost over and we hadn't spent one night under the starry sky next to a campfire.

So we packed up our camping gear and hit the road... on the busiest camping weekend of the year. Labor Day. I was lucky to find a campground that still had a site available, so I reserved it a few days before. After a quick three hours in the car with three kids and a dog, we arrived at our campsite on Ossipee Lake in NH. Much to our dismay, the campground held mostly RV's - that's right, it was that kind of campground. My husband was determined to find some wilderness with no RV's in site.

We stumbled upon a canoeing outfit that had a camping sign out front. When I asked the man at the front desk if he had any sites available he said "How rustic do you want to go?". Hmmm. As in no running water and only one "Lutrine" rustic. I said "Sure, why not." I've become spoiled over the years with running water, bathrooms and showers so I was a bit skeptical.

After driving down the rode a bit, we found the campsite and set up camp. We were surprised to find that we were the only ones camping there (I'm skeptical whether it was an actual campsite or not!). We camped right on the river and enjoyed 3 days to ourselves. The kids ran free. The dog pooped wherever he felt like and we sat by the fire enjoying starry nights.

Now summer can officially come to an end. (But please no winter weather yet!).

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