Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day - Do you celebrate?

Valentine's Day has always been somewhat of a consumer holiday to me. Another excuse for more candy, chocolates, cards and flowers. Some go to great extravagance for their loved one, others pick up flowers at 7-11 on their way home from work.

I have to admit, my husband and I don't go all crazy on Valentine's. We don't exchange gifts, or give cards, we don't go out to dinner or light candles. Maybe the occasional chocolates or flowers. Is that sad? Or is it sad that some wait for Valentine's Day to appreciate their loved one(s)?

Some even sell flowers and gift baskets out of their garage on Valentine's. (Seriously, I saw this... on 39th). Are we that desperate that we need to stop and buy gifts out of a resident garage?

I love the idea of making cards for friends and loved ones, something from the heart. But candy... it seems like Halloween at our house this week! (And my kids are loving it).

How do you celebrate Valentine's Day? Chocolates? Flowers? Candlelight dinner? Or do you "celebrate" all year long?


  1. I agree with you on Valentine's Day. I used to do a special meal for the kids. But now only Jacob is home, so I bought pizza for him this year. Sometimes we go out to eat, sometimes we don't. Just depends on our schedule. Don and I feel like we are being coerced into buying all the stuff and we don't like that. So we kind of ignore it.
    You should have seen Walmart Monday night. Ugh.

  2. We are not that big into it either. We usually just have a family picnic in the living room. Chris and I don't need a silly holiday to be romantic. What I dislike the most is the cards the kids have to hand out. I throw them in the garbage as soon as they come home. Waste of money!

  3. Before marriage & kids, I enjoyed being pampered and looked forward to this night of romance. Now we've adjusted by putting the kids to bed early, ordering food in, exchanging cards ( which I admit, I love to get) and just being together. Of course we show our love to eachother all year, in different ways too, but I guess I'm sort of an old romantic. I love that there's a 'LOVE' day set aside each year. Just as I'm a mom all year, but I look forward to being celebrated and getting that extra attention each year on
    'Mothers Day'....