Thursday, July 11, 2013

Piñatas & Cousins

I love family reunions. Especially ones' with lot's of kids and piñatas. The kids play from dawn to dusk, the adults visit and neglect their children, and everyone gets really dirty (at least at our family reunions!).

This summer, we spent our family reunion at Deer Springs Ranch, Utah. Lot's of hiking, playing and eating. On our last night there we had not one, but three piñatas. Plenty of hits, plenty of candy. The kids all lined up from smallest to biggest and patiently waited their turn to hit the piñata. I'm happy to report there were only two casualties! Unfortunately both my children. One got "attacked" by the piñata and the other got dog-piled by all the other children while diving for candy.

Two of my favorite piñata photos...

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