Tuesday, February 12, 2013

20 Things To Do During A Snowstorm

When you're stuck at home because of a blizzard/snowstorm, you need stuff to do... especially if you have kids (and especially if there is a 24 hour vehicle ban). So here's my list of
20 Things to do when you're stuck home during a Snowstorm. (In no particular order.)

1. Play Monopoly 3 times
2. Eat munchies non-stop
3. Bake (assuming you have power)
4. Clean your house top to bottom (not so much fun, but hey.)
5. Be brave and play in the snow
6. Build a snow fort
7. Have a snowball fight
8. Drink endless cups of hot cocoa
9. Roast marshmallows in the fireplace
10. Organize your kids closets
11. Read a good book cover to cover
12. Watch movies
13. Play the Wii (we did a lot of this!)
14. Have a popcorn catching contest
15. Shovel the snow... every hour
16. Teach your dog (or fish) a new trick
17. Cook enough food for the entire week
18. Build a fort out of blankets
19. Have an indoor picnic
20. Stay in your pajamas ALL day!

Snowstorms are so much fun! See below for some of the good times we had...



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